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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The owners thought they were seeing double when this five-footed foal was born
When a foal arrives, it’s usually in the middle of the night when owners and trainers are least ready to deal with surprises. This Quarter Horse’s birth gave owners Rick and Joyce Osborne of Cambridge, Minn., a surprise very few people in the world have ever seen.
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Start Foals Off On Right Foot

Conformation and balance are important to every horse, but when dealing with foals it's a must
CONFORMATION AND UNEVEN weight distribution can have major effects on limb structure and foot shape in mature horses.
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Shoeing The Whole Horse

Lessons From Woody: A Revolutionary Approach To Farriery
THIS ARTICLE is not about a new way to do things. It doesn't tout a method or pretend to teach you "how-to."
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Personalizing Anvil Height

Establishing a proper working height for the face of your anvil largely comes down to personal preference. Competitors, for instance, have quite a variety of anvils and stand set-ups, each with its own explanation. 

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Flexure Deformities In Foals

Whether following a conservative or surgical treatment, veterinarians and farriers can work together to provide a successful outcome
Despite recent advances in breeding, nutrition and farm management, flexure deformities continue to be seen at an alarmingly high rate.
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Check Scientific Shoeing Info From AAEP

PLENTY OF NEW IDEAS relating to lameness treatment, new tools for examining feet and legs, unique shoeing ideas, changing relationships between heel and toe angles, surgical options for foot concerns and much more of interest to farriers were presented at December's American Association of Equine Practitioners meeting.
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