The Right Step For Caring For Foals Tender Feet

Hall-Of-Fame shoer says starting early, frequent and careful examinations are keys to proper footcare for young horses

Hoof care for foals is really a matter of getting things started on the right foot, according to Simon Curtis, the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Famer from Newmarket, England.

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Veterinarians' Roundtable

How much bone remodeling can we expect to take place on a 10-year-old horse with prominent splaying out of the front feet after we remove extra horn from the bottom along the outside edge of the hoof?

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Knowledge Of Anatomy: One Of The Farrier’s Best Tools

Maryland farrier and educator emphasizes hands-on approach in understanding the inner workings of the hoof
Count Dave Ferguson among those farrier clinicians who stress the importance of understanding equine anatomy in providing good footcare. Where Ferguson goes beyond many others is that he emphasizes that to really understand anatomy, you need to go further than reading about it in a book.
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When One Leg Is Longer

How to identify and shoe for limb length disparity
The late Anthony Gonzales (1986) described limb length disparity as, "when a pair of feet are mismatched. Usually one is flat footed, bull nosed and/or underrun and the other is more upright or clubby looking."
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Shoes or Slippers

Comfortable feet come from shoeing to the properly determined conformation of each individual horse
Providing comfortable shoes is an issue of anatomy that goes beyond a horse’s foot — all the way up its leg and into the shoulder, according to Jim Ferrie, an International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame member living and working in Newmilns, Ayrshire, Scotland.
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Making Sense Of Hoof Balance

Several theories and models are available, but knowing which principles to choose and when to use them can make the difference between soundness and lameness
Farriers understand the need to balance every foot they trim, yet hoof balance might be one of the least understood concepts in shoeing.
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