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Physiological Trimming Theory Is Working

While some aspects of this scientifically proven trimming method are not new, they’ve been forgotten or under-utilized by many hoof-care professionals maintains this researcher
More than 10 years of intensive research at Michigan State University has resulted in new recommendations for relief from navicular syndrome and other chronic foot ailments.
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Tackling Club Feet Concerns

The latest thinking on handling this problem with foals highlighted the mid-January Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium
Since there are varying types of club feet, Ric Redden saw the need for developing a meaningful grading scale that would lead to customized treatment strategies.
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Dealing With Long-Toe, Low-Heel, Short-Toe, No-Foot Situations

When it comes to judging external foot structures, it may pay to take a look inside the hoof
The ideal front hoof conformation of a 50- to 55-degree toe and equal heel angle is a rare occurrence. Reports on the findings of Gene Ovnicek, Ric Redden, Jamie Jackson, Chris Pollitt and others should lead us to question the significance and validity of the ideal hoof conformation. In fact, these questions should cause us to seek answers regarding the parameters necessary to minimize the opportunity for insult to the foot and lower leg to even occur.
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Horse Sense In The Horse Capital Of The World

Equine hoof, leg anatomy get a long look at Lexington AFA convention
They may not have spent much time at the horse farms that give Lexington, Ky., its nickname as the Horse Capital Of The World, but attendees at the 31st annual American Farrier’s Association (AFA) convention in early March had plenty of opportunities to improve their abilities to help the animals.
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