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Good Ideas To Improve Your Rig

Farriers, manufacturers share tips to make your job easier
When a farrier starts opening up a shoeing rig at a clinic, a curious thing occurs. The stories that are being swapped among the small pockets of congregants in the parking lot begin to lose their allure, and an easygoing migration begins. Like moths to a flame, farriers can’t resist checking out someone else’s shoeing rig. They amble on over, greet the farrier who graciously offers the welcome distraction and casually explore the mobile office.
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Angie Reynolds
Shoeing For A Living

All In The Shoeing Family

Husband-and-wife Peter and Angie Reynolds each have their own way of running a shoeing business
The first stop of the day for Angie Reynolds doesn't actually involve shoeing. It's just a short distance from her rural home near White, Ga. She pulls her truck to the side of the road and her three children - Matthew, 11, Andrew, 8, and Katrina, 6 - pile out at their school bus stop. Angie waits a few minutes until the bus arrives and she sees the kids safely away. Then she's ready to start her "Shoeing For A Living" day.
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Selecting the Right Shoeing Box

Picking the perfect shoeing box to fit your needs can save you time, money and labor
Much like a farrier’s shoeing rig, a shoer’s toolbox can become a personal statement. It’s a reflection of personal work style, shoeing technique and professionalism.
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Shoeing For A Living

Shoeing In The Green Mountains

Vermont farrier plies his trade in picturesque setting
It's late March in Vermont. The temperatures are slowly rising, melting more and more of the snow and ice that has held the valleys, peaks and ridge lines in its grip during the winter months.
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Farrier Earns His Stripes

Racetrack shoer shares special tricks of shoeing Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo’s zebras
Racetrack farriers expect to deal with a certain number of temperamental animals. But Joe Trhlik has dealt with some that literally belong in a zoo.
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