Some of the most popular features of the AFJ site are our tips. These are supplied from farriers and veterinarians from around the globe. We took a look through the 2011 archive at the tips for farriers. These were rated by the number of times these tips were read.

As you can see, the list covers the array of hoof-care, from methodology to business practices. The most popular repeated theme deals with placing and nailing on shoes. However, if one thing is to be taken from this, it is that the farriers who make up our audience are hungry for knowledge and are open-minded to how their contemporaries approach hoof care.

What do you think? Which of these tips have the most impact on your career? Do you agree or disagree with the thoughts shared here by your fellow farriers?

Share your thoughts in the comment field below or on each page featuring these tips.

1. Thoroughbred Shoer Emphasizes Maintenance Over Repair

2. Working with the Big Boys ... and Girls

3. Tips for Nailing Shoes on Soft Feet

4. Dealing with a Quicked Foot

5. How Nail Alignment Affects Driving Nails

6. The Good And Bad Of Raising Heels

7. Charting A Plan For Better Tools In Your Shoeing Box

8. The Difficulty in Realizing You Can't Do Any More

9. Facing Sticky Situations

10. Farrier Role Is Critical In A Horse’s Soundness

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