Nature Farms Farrier Supply Cobra Shoeing Boxes

The Cobra I Shoeing Box was introduced to the Farrier Industry 16 years ago and has become one of the most popular tools of farriers worldwide. The Cobra was designed by a farrier who had been under horses for years and knew what could make their job easier. The tool placement puts them at eye level in easy reach where they are protected in sturdy pvc tubes. Cobras come with industrial casters specially designed for all terrain travel. Our Cobra users like having a light weight box that is still tough enough to do a hard job.

The Cobra II offers the option to lay your tools down with three trays. The Cobra Lite is a two tray box being used by five shoeing schools as their student box and also a favorite among race platers. The Baby Cobra is a compact one cubic foot, super for tight places.

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Tooljack® by Equine Innovations Inc.

  • Tooljack® is an innovative shoeing box available in 2 sizes.
  • Made of the same tough material as the Hoofjack®, the Tooljack® is quiet, stable, and durable.
  • The top tool bar keeps your tools organized, visible, and at working height.
  • Several magnets are included for holding tools such as rasps or nails.
  • The accessory holster can be used with optional trays to provide more work space or storage.
  • The Tooljack® is easy to customize and is made in the USA with a 3 yr warranty against breakage by equines.

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Georgia Farrier Supply Kodiak Anvil Swing

  1. Never pick up your anvil again.
  2. Never pick up your anvil stand again and what’s more get rid of your anvil stand.
  3. Save energy and time; you’ll be able to shoe more horses each and every day.
  4. It will literally pay for itself in less than two weeks.
  5. You will gain extra space in your truck because you no longer have the anvil and the anvil stand to contend with.
  6. You can actually use a smaller truck, which will save on initial costs and fuel costs.
  7. The installation takes less than ½ day, all major components are aluminum and galvanized, no welding or cutting during installation, just drill a couple holes in your factory bumper, the rest is done using your existing receiver hitch and existing attachment points on your truck frame.
  8. As an added bonus, your anvil will be rock solid. No freestanding anvil stand will give you the stability and performance of the Kodiak Anvil Swing.

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Ken Davis & Sons Davis Bearcat Toolbox

  • 30" Tall
  • Tall swinging handle
  • Tool bar and 2 magnets
  • 3 removable nail trays
  • Lined shelves and rasp holders
  • Plate style casters minimizes wear on frame
  • Wide stance for sturdiness and positions wheels under the box

Also available - Davis Wildcat Toolbox

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