Red Flags for Farriers

Is it Time to Toss that Tool?

Look for the signs that your implements are beyond repair
As wear and tear takes its toll on our tools, a farrier's instinct is to tweak, maintain or fix it. There are times, though, when we should resist our natural tendency to repair it.
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Carry The Necessary Tools And Supplies

I didn't start with the top line of tools when I went out on my own. And through my career, I've met more than one farrier who could drive a nail with a rock. It isn't the tool - what's more important is whose hands the tools are in.
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Get The Tools And Supplies You Need

You get what you pay for with high-quality tools, but you can find good tools at lower prices.
If you've just finished hoof-care school, no one needs to tell you about the financial commitment you've made to your education. You paid for your school, housing, food and more. Unless you have an apprenticeship lined-up or know several people who need farriers, it's going to take a while to develop a business and steady income.
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American Farriers Journal Checklist

Hammering Home Quality

THE OLD ADAGE, “You get what you pay for,” is true more often than not — especially when it comes to buying farrier tools.
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American Farriers Journal Checklist

Striking A Blow For Long Hammer Life

Every tool we own is important and has a job to do. When shoeing, I think the most important one is the nailing or driving hammer. It gets the most use and should be as perfect as possible for each individual’s need.
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keg shoes
Modifying Keg Shoes

Give Open Bar Shoes A Test Run

Bar shoes can be expensive, so go with this alternative to see if they are necessary
Bar shoes are popular these days because they’ve helped so many horses suffering from so many problems. However, I like to modify a shoe into an open bar before committing to using a bar shoe on a full-time basis.
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7 Tips For Using Propane Forges

A few hints for using this handy farrier tool that has all but replaced coal and coke

THE COAL FORGE is slowly disappearing from horseshoeing as the propane forge has gained popularity.

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