Jaime Elftman

Jaime Elftman

Jamie Elftman is a former editorial intern for American Farriers Journal and Lessiter Media.


Ask The Right Questions Before Hiring Clients

Hi, you’re a farrier, right? Can you come out here and shoe my horses?” Every farrier takes a phone call like this. In an ideal and unrealistic world, clients come prescreened. Instead, it’s necessary to ask questions and gain some knowledge about that horse and client before you say “yes.” Every farrier has certain questions to ask potential clients.
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Six Honored For Lifetime Contributions To Hoof Care

Three farriers and three veterinarians are inducted into Halls Of Fame for their life-long achievements in the footcare field at the International Hoof-Care Summit
Three farriers and three veterinarians were honored for their outstanding careers in equine footcare during Hall Of Fame induction ceremonies at the 13th annual International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Local Spotlight: Horseshoe Barn Clinic Dissects Anatomy

Functional anatomy discussion focused on increasing farrier understanding of the inside of the foot for more informed trimming and shoeing decisions

The theme of the 2015 annual fall clinic at the Horseshoe Barn in Sacramento, Calif., focused on looking beyond the surface of the hoof and considering the anatomical structures and systems that affect and are affected by the way farriers trim and shoe horses’ hooves.

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Spotlight on Hoof Care: Consider The Entire Horse For Better Shoeing

Clinic draws from nutrition and whole-horse examinations to find solutions for laminitic horses
There is more to farriery than just looking at the horse’s hoof. To treat horses properly, it’s necessary to look at the whole horse and consider its gait, conformation and body weight and how those factors affect the hooves and how the trimming and shoes that are applied can affect the rest of the horse.
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Farrier Jam Sessions Expand Hoof-Care Knowledge

Many folks in this industry know that solid vet/farrier relationships are necessary for providing the best quality hoof care for horses. For the farrier community surrounding Tryon, N.C., one way to develop these relationships comes in the form of monthly Farrier Jam Sessions.
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Keeping Fit By Stretching And Strengthening Key Muscles

Crouching under a horse and banging on an anvil 8 hours a day, 5 or more days a week wears down the body over years of work. Farriers’ backs become stiff and sore, tennis elbow can develop and carpal tunnel can debilitate hands and wrists. In such a physical profession, any injury can mean time away from work and money lost. These worries may seem like a long way off to farriers who are just starting out, but certain practices put into effect now can help prevent ache and injury later.

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