Spring is here and summer is just around the bend. And while this revenue-generating time of year means that your shoeing business is getting ready to shift into high gear for added appointments and extra work, it also heralds the arrival of unwanted visitors — insects.

Biting insects such as gnats, yellow flies, black flies, horse flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and hundreds of other insect species can be an irritation to the farrier, as well as the horse and can also pose serious health risks. Certain insects carry diseases and can cause the horse to become nervous and restless.

Stable flies, for example, are known as voracious blood feeders with a bayonet-like mouth designed to break the skin and extract blood. They breed in wet organic matter such as soggy hay, grain, feed, fermenting weeds or grass and manure mixed with hay.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture report called “Arthropod Pests of Animals and Horses,” stable flies have been known to transmit diseases such as African horse sickness, swamp fever (equine infectious anemia) and even anthrax to horses. They have also been known to transmit diseases such as tuberculosis, myiasis, relapsing fever, anthrax, amoebic dysentery and leprosy to humans. They are also an intermediate host of Habronema Microstoma, a potentially dangerous stomach parasite.

Mosquitoes transmit the potentially deadly West Nile virus to humans, horses and birds. The virus has spread throughout the continental United States. Human and animal populations in the U.S. are immunologically naive to West Nile virus, which makes the potential danger presented by the virus high.

Both the government and private companies continually search and develop cutting-edge insect repellents, trapping systems, alternative control technologies and environmentally safe methods to keep away and eliminate insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and flies.

The following products feature some of the new and innovative insect repellents and bug-termination systems that are currently on the market. Now, we know a busy horseshoer doesn’t have time to go around doing things such as spreading anti-fly agents in every pile of horse manure he or she sees — or set up an extensive bug trap — but you might want to consider suggesting some of these products to horse owners and barn managers. In areas where bugs are bad, it’s well worth their time to invest in some of these products.

Absorbine Bug Block

W.F. Young, Inc., presents a new product called “Bug Block,” which is designed for use as an insecticide and bug repellent. Bug Block features a formulation that contains more of the two most important active ingredients — pyrethrins and permethrin — essential for rapid knockdown and killing of pesky insects.

Bug Block kills and repels more than 70 species of pests. Not only is it effective on biting flies, gnats, ticks and chiggers, but it also works on hard-to-kill health threats such as scorpions, black widow spiders, cockroaches and mosquitoes (including the Culex species of mosquito, which has been known to transmit the West Nile virus).

Bug Block is approved for use on the horse and everywhere a horse will encounter flies. It can be used in the stall and around the barn. Lasting 7 to 14 days before another application is necessary, Bug Block does not contain oily petroleum distillates that irritate the skin and attract dirt and dust to a horse’s coat.

For more information on Bug Block, contact: W.F. Young, Inc., 302 Benton Dr., East Longmeadow, MA 01028. Phone:(800) 628-9653. Fax: (413) 526-8990. E-mail: llarrabee@absorbine.com. Web site: www.absorbine.com

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Serene Feed-Through 
Fly Control

A single horse produces approximately 40 pounds of manure per day and that manure could serve as a breeding ground that will yield over 27,000 immature flies per day. Serene Feed-Through Fly Control is a product designed to enhance the current fly control regimen and drastically reduce the number of flies in and around the stable.

To use, simply feed the horse one scoop of the palatable Serene pellets as a top dressing to the horse’s normal feed. The active ingredient in Serene passes through the horse and is excreted in the manure. In the manure, Serene prevents fly larvae from developing. Studies show that Serene stops the development of 100 percent of house flies and 95 percent of blood-feeding stable flies. The active ingredient in Serene has been used as an effective feed -through fly control in poultry operations for over 20 years. This product also helps reduce the need for pesticide sprays and contains no organophosphates. With good, basic barn hygiene and control of migrating adult flies, you can achieve a comfortable level of fly control in the stable, barn or work area.

For more information on Serene Feed-Through Fly Control, contact: Triad Specialty Products, LLC, 204 Muirs Chapel Rd., Suite 200, Greensboro, NC 27410. Phone: (800) 208-2270. Web site: www.sereneflycontrol.com. E-mail: serene@triadspecialty.com

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Repel-35 Bug Spray

Repel 35 Insect Control Spray is a proven bug-repellent spray that works for up to 35 days. This product offers new dimensions in residual action and safety with permethrin, a synthetic pyrethrin. Man-made permethrin assures prolonged residual action due to its high photostability and low water solubility, giving horses up to 35 days protection from horn flies, face flies, horse flies, mosquitoes and gnats.

It also kills lice and louse eggs, as well as ticks and fleas. Safe for repeated use, this gentle, non-irritating water-based formula is enriched with lanolin and aloe vera for horses with sensitive skin. This product is also safe for dogs and other household pets. This product comes in a quart size with a spray attachment and a gallon refill size.

For more information on Repel 35, contact: Bio-Derm Laboratories, P.O. Box 8070, Longview, TX 75607. Phone:(800) 762-0232 (U.S. only) or (903) 753-6744. Fax: (903) 753-6781. 
E-mail: bioderm@biogroom.com. 
Web site: www.biogroom.com.

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Fly Predators

Pesticide and chemical free, Fly Predators are an organic method of fly control that’s been used successfully for over 30 years. Fly Predators are tiny, biteless and stingless mites that feed on fly larvae that reside in common manure and rotting organic-matter that serve as a breeding ground for pest flies. This product is the result of Spalding Labs ongoing research in biological fly control utilizing beneficial insects to replace or supplement pesticides, these naturally occurring beneficial insects are USDA approved for mass release.

In the natural environment Fly Predators serve as a major check of pest fly populations by destroying the next generation of flies in their immature pupa (cocoon) stage. As with other successful biological control methods, such as those using ladybugs and green lacewings for aphid and mealy bug control, this natural method of fly control has proven far more effective, less costly and safer than chemical control with no adverse side effects.

By simply sprinkling a small bag of Fly Predators in manure areas just as the weather turns warm, you can prevent flies from ever becoming a nuisance. By continuing to release Fly Predators monthly through the summer you’ll keep the fly population under control. Up to 94 percent reduction in pest flies have been reported.

Relatively cheap, costing just $2 to $3 per horse, Fly Predators target the pest-fly pupa (cocoon) stage, killing the immature flies before they can bother you and your animals or reproduce to start the cycle again.

For more information on Fly Predators, contact: Spalding Labor­atories, 760 Printz Road, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420. Phone: (800) 845-2847 (U.S. Only). Fax: (805) 489-0336. Web site: www.spalding-labs.com.

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Mosquito Control

Quick Kill Mosquito Bits larvicide featuring Bti (Bacillus thuringienis israelensis) is a bacterial toxin, from Arbico Environmentals that infects and kills mosquito larvae. It is safe and environmentally sound because it’s highly selective, killing mosquitoes and black flies.

Bti contains no poisonous chemicals and is completely harmless to other living things. When Bti is eaten by the mosquito larvae, it damages the gut cells, eventually entering the body cavity. Once this happens, the mosquito or black fly larvae die.

Mosquitoes are tied to water where their young develop. Mos­quitoes lay their eggs on the water surface; some lay their eggs on the ground next to the water. This in­cludes bird baths, old tires, rain barrels, streams, ponds, ditches, woodland pools, outdoor tubs, unused swimming pools, tree holes, flower pots, vases, roof gutters, sewage and industrial waste ponds, over-irrigated or poorly leveled yards and pastures, or any other area or container where water collects and remains for periods of time.

Available in granules (bits) and dunks (donuts) that can be distributed by hand, Bti kills the larvae quickly and efficiently. A moderate to heavy dose has been shown to reduce the mosquito population by one half in 15 minutes and the rest within one hour.

For more information on Quick Kill Mosquito Bits, Contact: Arbico Environmentals, P.O. Box 8910, Tucson, AZ 85738-0910. Phone:(800) 827-2847 (U.S. Only) or (520) 825-9785. Fax: (520) 825-2038. E-mail: info@arbico.com. Web site: www.arbico-organics.com.

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SimpliFly Feed-Thru 
Fly Control

SimpliFly with LarvaStop Feed-Thru Fly Control from Farnam Co., offers a proven and tested feed supplement to 
reduce fly populations from 97 to 
100 percent. Start feeding SimpliFly with LarvaStop early in the spring before flies begin to appear and continue feed­ing through­out the summer and into the fall until cold weather restricts fly activ­ity. This product contains an insect growth regulator which prevents the development of house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated horses, but is not effective against existing adult flies.

Containing no organophosphates and showing no resistance to date, SimpliFly is the only feed-thru fly control granted reduced-risk status by the EPA.

For best results, Farnam recommends that this product is most effective when used as part of an integrated fly control program. In order to achieve optimum fly control, it should be used in conjunction with other premise and on-animal products such as sprays and bug traps, as well as good management and sanitation practices.

For more information on SimpliFly, contact: Farnam Co., 301 W. Osborn, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Phone: (800) 825-2555 (U.S. only) or (602) 285-1660. Fax: (602) 285-1803. E-mail: info@ mail.farnam.com. Web site: www. farnamhorse.com

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Blue Streak Fly Bait

Blue Streak Fly Bait is an advanced bait formula with Z-9 Tricosene that attracts and quickly kills both sexes of flies. Its patented design attract and kills house flies, flesh flies, blow flies, bazaar flies and eye gnats. The special formula contains sex attractants and feeding adjuvants that attracts flies from a wide area. For stables and other commercial (non-residential) areas, Blue Streak Bait must be used in a bait station.

Fill bait chamber to bottom of hopper by pouring 2 ounces of bait into hopper. Use at the rate of approximately two bait stations per 500 square feet of fly feeding area. Bait stations must be inaccessible to children and food producing animals at a height of at least 4 feet above the ground.

For more information on Blue Streak Fly Bait, contact: Farnam Co., 301 W. Osborn, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Phone: (800) 825-2555 (U.S. Only) or (602) 285-1660. Fax: (602) 285-1803. E-mail: info@mail.farnam.com. Web site: www.farnamhorse.com

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EquuSkreen Natural 
Insect Repellent

EquuSkreen Natural Insect Repellent repels biting insects including gnats, yellow flies, black flies, horse flies, deer flies, no seeums, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. It’s effective and safe for use on large and small animals and is safe for use around small children and the elderly. This specially designed formula contains citronella, cedar oil, rosemary oil and olive oil — is all natural and does not contain DEET, poisons or other potentially dangerous chemicals.

EquuSkreen also works as a first aid for insect bites and skin irritations such as girth/cinch itch. It relieves itching, swelling and redness if the animal has already been bitten and it will not stain or damage clothing or tack.

For more information on EquuSkreen Natural Insect Repellent, contact: Skreen Products, Inc., 26 Manatee Lane, Crawforville, FL 32327. Phone: (877) 975-7336. Email: sales@skinskreen.com. Web site: www.equuskreen.com

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Shampoo For Horses

Bio-Groom’s brand of horse shampoo with pyrethrins is proven to kill lice, ticks and fleas. Protein-enriched lanolin conditioners leave the horse’s coat with a healthy, radiant sheen that retains the natural protective oils in skin and coat.

The shampoo rinses out easily and may also be used safely on dogs and cats. This product comes in concentrated bottles where one bottle of concentrate mixes up to five full bottles. Bio-Groom shampoo comes in quart or gallon containers.

For more information on Bio-Groom shampoo, contact: Bio-Derm Laboratories, P.O. Box 8070, Longview, TX 75607. Phone: (800) 762-0232 (U.S. only) or (903) 753-6744. Fax: (903) 753-6781. E-mail: bioderm@biogroom.com. 
Web site: www.biogroom.com.

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Insect-A-Peel Trap

The Insect-A-Peel trap design by Arbico Environmentals targets pests such as aphids, whitefly, thrips, leafhoppers, leafminers, flea beetles, house flies and more. The 6-pound “state-of-the-art” trap features a unique design that provides up to 300 inches of exposed, three-dimensional sticky trapping surface that captures up to 25,000 pest insects every 3 to 7 days.

Each trap is effective in a 2,500-square foot area. It’s durable, standing over 3 feet tall and comprised of all-steel — making it both weatherproof and windproof. Each sticky roll (3 foot by 5 inches) lasts 20 to 25 weeks when advanced once weekly.

For more information on Insect-A-Peel Trap, Contact: Arbico Environmentals, P.O. Box 8910, Tucson, AZ 85738-0910. Phone: (800) 827-2847 (U.S. only) or (520) 825-9785. Fax: (520) 825-2038. E-mail: info@arbico.com. Web site: www.arbico-organics.com

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Equine Fly Spray

Bronco Equine Fly Spray, a water-based pyrethrin formula available from KV Vet Supply, protects horses from horn flies, house flies, stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, mosquitoes, gnats and lice. This product also kills fleas and ticks on dogs. Active ingredients include pyrethrin, piperonyl butexide technical and permethrin. Bronco Equine Fly Spray comes in 32 ounce or Gallon containers.

For more information on Bronco Equine Fly Spray, contact: KV Vet Supply, 3190 N. Road, David City, NE 68632. Phone: (800) 423-8211 (U.S. only) or (402) 367-6047. Fax: (402) 367-6214. E-mail: support@kvvet.com. 
Web site: www.kvvet.com

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Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray

Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray from Farnam Co., is the only fly spray with RepeLock. RepeLock is an exclusive conditioner that binds to a horse’s hair shaft, locking in Endure’s fly repellency.

This unique formula stays active even when the horse sweats or is wet, damp conditions for prolonged periods of time, providing fly protection for up to 14 days. It also protects against biting and nuisance flies, gnats, mosquitoes, deer ticks and lice.

Thoroughly brush the horse’s coat prior to application to remove loose dirt and debris. For dirty horses, shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Wait until coat is completely dry before applying Endure. It may be applied either as a spray or as a wipe. For a horse’s face, always apply as a wipe using a piece of clean, absorbent cloth, toweling (Turkish) or sponge. Have the horse owner wear rubber gloves or mitts when applying as a wipe. Spray or wipe the horse’s entire body while brushing against the lay of the coat to ensure adequate coverage of the water-resistant repellent. Avoid getting the spray into the horse’s eyes, nose or mouth.

For more information on Endure, contact: Farnam Co., 301 W. Osborn, Phoenix, AZ 85013. Phone: (800) 825-2555 (U.S. only) or (602) 285-1660. 
Fax: (602) 285-1803. E-mail: info@mail. farnam.com. Web site: www.farnamhorse.com

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Premise Check Mosquito Repellent

Combat mosquitoes and the possible spread of West Nile virus with this all-natural mosquito repellent called Premise Check. In addition, Premise Check also repels gnats, no see-ums and black flies. A quick and effective insect repellent, simply sprinkle the repellent around barns, homes, lawns or anywhere you wish to be protected.

It’s also an excellent soil enhancer and turf builder and is safe for humans, horses, pets and plants. Premise Check is not destroyed by rain and offers lasting insect protection for up to 3 weeks. Contains only natural oils, no poisons. Comes in economically priced 7 pound containers.

For more information on Premise Check, contact: KV Vet Supply, 3190 N. Road, David City, NE 68632. Phone: (800) 423-8211 (U.S. only) or (402) 367-6047. Fax: (402) 367-6214. E-mail: support @kvvet.com. Web site: www.kvvet.com

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