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Shoeing for a Living

No Need to Specialize

By handling many kinds of footcare work in a concentrated area, this South Texas farrier stays close to home so he can spend valuable time with his family
With a huge number of horses in his South Texas area, Matt Cooper finds he doesn't have to specialize with his trimming and shoeing work. Instead the Cleveland, Texas, farrier's diversified business offers quality footcare services to clients involved with trail rides, drafts, miniatures, rodeo, backyard horses, racing, mounted police and performance events.
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Tool Tips

Farriers Never Short On Tool Tips

Shoers excel at tweaking tools and finding new uses for them
It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the traits that best define a good farrier, but adaptability is something a lot of them have in common.
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Hoof Beats: For Want Of A Nail

The proverb has been around for a long time, and it is a fact that races have been lost for the want of a shoe. Horses lose shoes in races from time to time. That will always be a part of horse racing. However, racing, qualifying, or even training with a shoe that needed repair to begin with can easily be avoided. A paddock blacksmith is normally available for racing, but sometimes a farrier isn't around when needed. Racing at fairs, training at farms or other off-track facilities are some examples of places that might not have a farrier available when needed.
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Jacks Of All Trades

Using tools such as stall jacks and hoof stands provide portability, versatility and ease the physical toll that shoeing takes on your body
Let's say you're performing your daily shoeing work and you're at a location where it's tough to pull your rig close enough to where you're working. And let's say that you need to do some minor fitting adjustments to a shoe that you're just about to put on a hoof. Do you really want to set the hoof down, come out from under the horse, walk all the way to your rig, make the required shaping adjustments with a few hammer blows and then walk back to the horse and hope it fits?
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Shoeing For A Living

Shoeing In The Green Mountains

Vermont farrier plies his trade in picturesque setting
It's late March in Vermont. The temperatures are slowly rising, melting more and more of the snow and ice that has held the valleys, peaks and ridge lines in its grip during the winter months.
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Shoeing For A Living

If It's Monday, This Must Be Indiana

Hoosier-state farrier also shoes horses in Ohio and Michigan
It's a gorgeous autumn morning in October as Tim Tritch and I climb aboard his shoeing rig in Angola, Ind., in the extreme northeastern corner of the Hoosier state.
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