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Buffing Hoof Wall with power drill
Farrier Tips

What You Can Do to Prevent White Line Disease

It’s always best to prevent an infection rather than fight one. Simply put, the alternative often results in a fight that’s difficult to contain. While hoof-care clients can spearhead prevention by providing a clean and dry living environment for their horses, farriers are likely the first line of defense.
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Practice is the Key to Forging Proficiency

Improving your chances in certification and horseshoeing competitions takes time and repetition
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, man, practice. Although it’s an old joke, there’s plenty of wisdom that can be applied to any situation — including farriery. Participating in certifications, credentialing and forging competitions are great ways of improving your skills, but to do well, you still have to practice.
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Fall 2017 American Farriers Association Certification, Mokena, Illinois

The Land of Lincoln Horseshoers Association hosted the Fall American Farrier’s Association Certification on Sept. 22-23, 2017, at Nova Quarter Horses in Mokena, Ill.

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