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Learn How To Forge A “Hall Of Fame” Heel

California farrier John Williams offers tips and insights for creating the clean and versatile Bob Marshall-style heel check
Forging a heel check for many farriers is old hat. It’s such a part of the routine that sometimes not a lot of thought is invested into it. There’s another style of heel check, though, that Sacramento, Calif., farrier John Williams prefers when forging horseshoes.
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What Causes Club Feet?

Hall Of Fame farrier Doug Butler examines why flexure limb deformities develop and how to prevent and manage them
The characteristics of a flexure limb deformity, commonly referred to as club foot, are easy to identify. Growth rings are wider at the heel, the toe is usually dished, the hoof is high on the heel and the coffin joint axis is broken forward. Radiographs often reveal that the coffin bone is deformed or remodeled. But what causes it?
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Kentucky Derby Museum Announces $6.5 Million Expansion Project

International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame will be part of construction
The Kentucky Derby Museum, home of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame, announced a $6.5 million expansion project on Thursday that will create more than 11,000 square feet of new space in addition to renovating 5,000 square feet of current facilities.
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Putting A Number On Ideal Hoof Wall Length

Proper measurements with a toe rule can point farriers in the right direction
What is the ideal length that hoof wall should be trimmed to?” Gerard Laverty’s question was met with a pregnant pause before the attendees at the Oregon Farriers Association mid-September clinic chuckled all at once.
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