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Each day, American Farriers Journal encounters a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at an aspect of the equine industry. Our favorite content for "This Week" is aggregated here. We hope it offers a useful tip to improve your hoof-care business, expands your knowledge by giving you something new to ponder, or entertains you when you need a break most.

Getting One More Reset

In this Facebook video from World Championship Blacksmiths, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Craig Trnka, CJF, demonstrates how to tighten up nail holes to get one more reset.

Farrier Focus Podcast: Pat Burton

In this episode of the Farrier Focus Podcast, Pat Burton, CJF, of Burleson, Texas, shares his insights on the fundamentals of horseshoeing, some of his early mentors, his experience of becoming certified, and experiences he has had as a certification tester.

Do No Harm

In this YouTube video from Farrier Product Distribution, Tom Petersen, CJF, of Bozeman, Mont., works through his trim process, which a key point includes “do no harm.”

Mullins Farrier Podcast: Dean Lewis, AWCF

In this episode of the Mullins Farrier Podcast, Dean Lewis of Toolern Vale, Victoria, Australia, discusses how he got his start with horses and farriery, how he studied for the associate exam for the Worshipful Company of Farriers, and the importance the hind end.

Plaidcast: James Gilchrist

In this episode of Plaidcast, Piper Klemm of The Plaid Horse Magazine is joined by Elizabeth Ehrlich of Equine Elixirs and Wellington, Fla., farrier James Gilchrist to discuss healthy hoof growth. The conversation begins at 22:48.

Phoenix Rising Lex Honors Black Farriers

In this article from the Lexington Herald-Leader, Phoenix Rising Lex honors the legacy of black farriers by honoring Hall of Fame member George Tompkins, who shod racing legengs such as Man o’ War, his son Ralph Tompkins, his former apprentice and fellow Hall of Fame member Jackie Thompson, who shod multiple Kentucky Derby winners, as well as current racetrack farrier Duane Raglin.

Phoenix Rising Lex

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