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Physics And Lateral Extensions

British farrier believes the numbers simply don’t add up to support some of their long-assumed benefits
Farriers sometimes shoe horses with shoes that extend outside the profile of the foot.
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Farrier Innovations

Look, Ma! No Hammer!

Shoe-bending machines, careful record keeping and keen observation result in a system that’s a big time and energy saver

Just in case you haven’t noticed, shoeing horses is a lot of hard work. If you let it, the job will break you down and wear you out. Being a practical person, I have — from the beginning of my career — sought ways to preserve my body by making the job as easy as possible.

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Steve Stanley
Shoeing for a Living

From Foal Barns to the Red Mile

Shifting the focus of his practice just a bit made shoeing more enjoyable for this Kentucky farrier
A few years ago, Steve Stanley did virtually all of his hoof-care work at racetracks. It was work he loved — and still loves — but he decided adding a little variety to his shoeing practice might be a good thing.
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Bar Shoe Tips

Bar shoes can provide needed relief and promote healing, but choosing the right one from the wide selection can be confusing

Jim Ferrie ranks among the world’s best possible sources for advice about bar shoes. He’s earned his way into the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame during his more than 30 years as a farrier, and he specializes in therapeutic shoeing while working in Newmilns, Ayrshire, Scotland.

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