Horseshoers Union Numbers Skyrocket

Merger with other trades boosts numbers from fewer than 100 members to almost 40,000, offering shoers a possible savings on insurance benefits

FARRIERS MAY PRIDE themselves on being their own boss and owning their own company, but with the expansion of the International Union of Journeymen Horseshoers of the United States and Canada, now may be the time for shoers to think about joining a union.

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Scott Morrison

Step-By-Step Approach To Dealing With The Laminitic Foot

Equine veterinarian Scott Morrison says systematic approach offers best hope for the horse

If there's one issue that baffles farriers and veterinarians, it’s how to deal with laminitis. Farriers find it hard to distinguish between the tested methods of treatment for laminitis and the people who are out there trying to sell a quick-fix solution to this debilitating problem.

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Before and After

Frequent Trips Aid Club Foot

Featuring 21 trims, three sets of X-rays and two chiropractic adjustments, this extensive 17-month case history leads to a vast club foot improvement

There's certainly no single way to help a horse suffering from a club foot, but American Farriers Journal took the time to document one case that has seen incredible results over nearly a 1 year period.

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Get Out Of Sticky Situations With Glue-Ons

While it’s not a cure-all for laminitis, glue-on shoes offer another option against this devastating disease
A farrier would be hard-pressed to find a problem more difficult to treat than laminitis. Without identification and treatment in its early phases, laminitis progresses to the chronic stage that can lead to displacement of the third phalanx within the hoof capsule, severe pain for the horse and eventually euthanasia.
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It’s Your Week... Enjoy It

Moving strongly into its fifth year, National Farriers Week gives shoers an opportunity to receive some well-deserved recognition

Racing from barn to barn, working on horses well after dark and spending numerous hours doing the bookwork for your business doesn’t leave you a lot of time to get the recognition you so rightly deserve. Knowing the humble mindset of horseshoers – you’d probably like to keep it that way.

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