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The Way it Was

Bill Miller’s Mustache

The fund-raising auction at the American Farrier’s Association Convention is a highly anticipated event. It always has been a source of what is necessary to fund the many activities and functions of the AFA. I’m always amazed at the varied offerings of donated items, including some of the finest examples of forge work I have seen.
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An Ever Evolving Industry

The past 40 years of farriery have witnessed important changes in the business practices of the trade
Hoof care has undergone a multitude of changes ever since the ancients domesticated the horse and assumed its responsibility. However, the last 40 years are arguably one of the most significant periods in its growth than any other 4-decade span. This time witnessed dramatic changes in how farriers work with one another, and saw unrivaled technological advancements.
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Museum Tour With Lee Liles

[Video] Bill Miller Shoe Board

In this video, museum director Lee Liles talks about this shoe board made by influential horseshoer, Bill Miller.  Begun as a private collection, the National Museum of Horse Shoeing Tools and Hall Of Honor (Sulphur, Okla.) features one-of-a-kind items and memorabilia that has been gathered over many years. Now, in one place is an unprecedented and never-before-seen collection that contains both the conventional and the unusual  the contemporary and the obsolete.
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35 Great Debuts

Here’s a look at when some of the greatest farriers first contributed to American Farriers Journal
While working on this 35th Anniversary issue of American Farriers Journal, I've been paging through back issues. At times I can almost feel the heat of the forges and hear the distant echo of hammer ringing on steel.
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Change Is The Name Of The Game

Since 1975, there have been an amazing number of changes in footcare work
When it comes to discussing change, Bill Miller calls on plenty of experience, having started shoeing as an apprentice in 1947. "In the past 63 years, I've seen many changes in our trade," says the veteran shoer from Rochester, Wash.
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When Mileage Didn't Matter

Farrier designed his own shoeing body to provide easy access to tools long before customized farrier rigs came on the scene
When Bill Miller went into business for himself, in the days before custom-built shoeing bodies and specialty rigs, he bought his first truck, a 1950 Studebaker half-ton pickup. The truck served its purpose, he recalls, “but it was hard to maintain the equipment in the back with just a tarp thrown over my tools.”
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Blake Brown

Reading Shoe Wear Gives Farriers An Edge

Not everyone does it, but farriers who know what they’re looking for on the bottom of old shoes can find clues to help keep a horse comfortable and healthy

Be sure to look at the shoes every time you pull them off,” says Blake Brown, a Penryn Calif., farrier who worked at a veterinarian clinic for 20 years.

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