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John Hammond Interview at the American Suffolk Horse Association Meeting

Backyard Green Films met with John Hammond of Cornish, N.H., at the American Suffolk Horse Association’s regional meeting in Jefferson, Ohio. John has been a farrier since 1976 and he spoke about draft horses and his love for the Suffolk breed.


World Youth Skills Day — The Next Generation of Farriers

Meet Moussa, a passionate student who is currently learning how to become a professional farrier with Brooke, in Senegal.

The Humble Hoof Podcast: Curtis Burns

Curtis Burns talks to The Humble Hoof Podcast about his journey into hoof care and creating the Polyflex composite horseshoe.He shares tips and tricks for getting a good glue adhesion, as well as how he keeps some of the top horses in the world sound and performing their best.

Farrier Focus Podcast: Bill Miller

In this episode of the Farrier Focus Podcast, Bill Miller discusses his career in horseshoeing of more than 65 years and the lessons you can learn from his experiences. Bill also taught at Olympia Technical College in Washington for many years.



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