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[Podcast] A Conversation With Curtis Burns

In this episode of the <em>American Farriers Journal</em> podcast, brought to you by SmartPak, Editor Jeremy McGovern spoke with Wellington, Fla., farrier Curtis Burns, who shares details of his rollercoaster of a career path.
In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, brought to you by SmartPak, Editor Jeremy McGovern spoke with Wellington, Fla., farrier Curtis Burns, who shares details of his rollercoaster of a career path.
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Shoeing for a Living

Horseshoeing’s Engineering Puzzle Charms Finger Lakes Farrier

Kirk Smith enjoys the challenge of balancing the horse’s system of levers and pulleys

Horses have been a staple in Kirk Smith’s life long before he started shoeing horses in Freeville, N.Y.

He always had horses while growing up in the small farming town of Clark in northeastern South Dakota. He cut his teeth working cattle part-time as a high school student and later during his summer breaks while attending Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Along the way, he broke and trained horses.

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Forestville Interpretive Program Shows Farrier's Services

"They get new shoes every six to eight weeks if they're used for riding a fair bit. The shoes are for traction, support and protection," said Cresco farrier Jarred Lund, speaking to visitors at Historic Forestville's new "New Shoes for Horses" interpretive program last Saturday as he inspected, filed and shod a horse as part of a demonstration meant to illustrate what is necessary to fit horseshoes to horses, animals which were the main source of transportation in 1899.

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Three Chimneys Presents Good News Friday: Foot Crazy

Trainer Todd Pletcher appears to have a formidable hand going into this year's Kentucky Derby. Or should we say foot?? If Pletcher wins his second Derby in four years, the man who takes care of his horse's feet will be one of the first people he thanks. Like everyone has said for years, no hoof, no horse, or no foot, no horse. That's really true at the end of the day, said Pletcher. I don't think you can even calculate how important having a good blacksmith is. By all accounts, Pletcher's blacksmith, Ray Amato Sr., is one of the best in the business. And you'd be hard-pressed to find a backstretch worker who relishes going to work more than Amato, even though he's been doing the same thing for 65 years.
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Questionable Trainer

If a trainer wants you to shoe a certain way that you don't agree with because you feel it may hurt the horse in the long run, how do you handle this?
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Andrew Varela
Shoeing for a Living

Sweating the Little Things

Attention to detail is the trademark of New Mexico shoer
Andrew Varela is starting a little later than he normally does and his day of “Shoeing For A Living” will be a light one, limited to working on horses at just one stop.
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Toe Grab
Product News

Front Toe Grab Ban Coming

California racing officials appear ready to enforce a ban against taller toe grabs

The ongoing controversy over allowing traction devices on racetracks heated up recently as members of the California Horse Racing Board voted to start enforcing an earlier height restriction for front toe grabs.

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How To


Shoeing method might curb knuckling-over tendencies
WHEN A PERSON stubs his toe, it’s more embarrassing than painful. But when a harness horse stubs its toe, it’s called knuckling over, and it can be not only painful, but also may have serious consequences.
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