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Curtis Burns' life has been a series of acts. From running away from his Minnesotan home, he's since moved from jockey to trainer, trainer turned farrier, farrier turned innovator and entrepreneur. 

With an introduction to horses as a child, Burns joined the world of horse racing, taking him to South Dakota where he eventually became a jockey. Thanks to the connections and horsepeople he'd had at this point, his career then shifted to horse training, however it was the "do it yourself" mentality he'd learned from his farm upbringing that led him to farriery. The attention and care that he showed those horses caught the attention of other trainers and gradually he left horse training for full time farriery. 

In this episode of the American Farriers Journal podcast, brought to you by SmartPak, Editor Jeremy McGovern spoke with Curtis, discussing the many milestones in his varied career, such as navigating the track licensing process, his struggles with clients and his experiences shoeing many prominent racehorses including the most recent winner of the Triple Crown, Justify. Curtis also shares the story of how a chance encounter with an injured horse led to the most recent chapter of his life.







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