Wisconsin farrier Robert "Red” Renchin, APF CF, of Mequon, Wisconsin, received special recognition recently when he was named as an honorary member of the American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF).

Red Renchin with Larry Rumsby

Renchin was presented with a forged horseshoe coat rack, designed and forged by AAPF Director Jennifer Horn APF CJF, at a special event on March 17, 2012 hosted by Joy Ream at Palm Beach Farrier Supply in Wellington, FL.  Renchin is known throughout the North America equine industry for his extensive work with hunters and jumpers at all levels of competition. The recently retired farrier operated a multi-farrier business for many, years that served horse owners in southeast Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.

Over the years, he has trained a number of farriers who have gone on to successful footcare careers of their own.  Distinguishing qualities about Renchin include:

  • Well respected by and able to work hand-in-hand with area veterinarians and other farriers on critical horse care cases.
  • A willingness to share his knowledge and train future footcare professionals through his multi-farrier business.
  • A continuing desire to learn more about all aspects of hoof-care and evaluate new techniques in the farrier field.
  • Always being willing to go out of his way to help fellow farriers.
  • A huge believer in the need for highly effective customer services.
  • Horses that were shod by Renchin include the winners of numerous major competitions along with jumpers that that have participated in the Olympics.  

Renchin was inducted into the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame in 1995. He also serves as the technical editor for American Farriers Journal, is a frequent a speaker at the International Hoof-Care Summit, has served as an outstanding clinician at various hoof-care events around the country and is been a long-time member of the American Farrier’s Association, and the Upper Midwest Horseshoer’s Association.

Note:  A photo of this presentation is available on the AAPF website -

The American Association of Professional Farriers is a non-profit organization created to represent the interests of professional farriers and others involved in the farrier industry.  The primary objectives of the new association are: continuing education, member support and serving as a hoof-care reference for horse owners.  The AAPF is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.