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Farrier Families Share Strategies to Teach Hoof Care

Horseshoeing might be in their genes, but there’s plenty of blood, sweat and tears

Kids didn’t have career choices in the 1800s. Children were expected to follow in their parent’s footsteps, often in a family business. Blacksmiths of the time, like other tradesmen, relied on their sons to learn the skills and backfill the ranks as their elders retired. Most daughters weren’t offered an option back then.

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Book Notes

Solid 100-Year-Old Primer On Essential Shoeing Principles

Notes On Shoeing For Horse-Owners By Captain V.H. Scratchley
This book offers a rare treasure of sound, basic horseshoeing principles for the normal foot. Captain V.S. Scratchley's goal in writing Notes On Shoeing For Horse-Owners in 1911 was to provide horse owners with the means to evaluate the work so they could "employ the best farrier obtainable." He presents many good arguments for the need of frequent quality hoof care.
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35 Great Debuts

Here’s a look at when some of the greatest farriers first contributed to American Farriers Journal
While working on this 35th Anniversary issue of American Farriers Journal, I've been paging through back issues. At times I can almost feel the heat of the forges and hear the distant echo of hammer ringing on steel.
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Shoeing for a Living

A Little Old and a Little New

Utah’s Jacob Manning adapts lessons learned from his Hall of Fame father into his own style of horseshoeing
Cool mornings, Utah and June don't seem to belong in the same sentence, but it's a cool June morning in Roosevelt, Utah, as Jacob Manning pilots his shoeing rig from the parking lot of a local restaurant where he and his nephew, Dennis, met me for breakfast before heading to their first shoeing stop.
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Farrier Quick Takes

[Video] Mormon Hobbles

Texas shoer Doyle Blagg shows a set of Mormon Hobbles forged by Dennis Manning of Roosevelt, Utah. These hobbles were used by Mormon travellers on their way to Utah to prevent their horses from being stolen.
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Practical Rig Tips

Some Assembly Required

Putting together a smooth-working shoeing rig is easy — once you’ve learned the hard way. So we asked farriers to share their rig problems and the solutions they found to them
Too much gear or not enough. Badly organized equipment. Low roofs and leaky roofs. Underpowered engines or poor fuel economy.
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Local Association Spotlight

Understand Metallurgy, Improve Your Forging Skills

Dennis Manning demonstrates benefits of knowing how your stock works
Dennis Manning of Roosevelt, Utah, has a well-earned reputation as a horseshoer, blacksmith and toolmaker. One of the reasons for that reputation is his understanding of the science behind those crafts, as he demonstrated during a clinic at Dave Ferguson’s Mint Vale Forge in Cambridge, Md., late last year.
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