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Farrier Tips

Deciphering Why a Horse Fails to Perform

Determining the best approach to shoeing a horse that is underperforming begins with understanding why the horse is failing to perform at its peak. Experienced riders are a great source of information. They often pick up subtle changes that can be difficult to detect while observing the horse move.
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Mustad USA Comfort Mix Hoof Cushion

Lightweight hoof filler for shock absorption, support and protection. Comes in Supersoft A15, Soft A25 or Medium A35, only Supersoft product on the market. Designed to protect the inner hoof and solar surface. Works well with inserts and pads. Easy to use, mix and shape by hand. Maintains same consistency for the duration of shoeing cycle.
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Mustad USA TS8 Challenger

Truer fit, longer wear, and greater performance in both front and hind patterns. The full toe design allows the horseshoe to last longer and the balanced shape means less time at the anvil. The TS8 also features sole relief while the nail holes are perfect for thin walled hooves. The TS8 model is even thicker and slightly wider for greater support, and protection of the hoof.

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Mustad USA EZ PLUS Front and Hind Shoes

EZ Plus offers a wider web for additional support and boxed heels to save time. The
fronts are symmetrical, while the hinds come in a left and right pattern with added length in the outside branch. Using a deep V-crease to secure the nail, this shoe is punched for a SB 5 nail.

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Mustad Combo 5 Slim Nail

The Mustad Combo 5 Slim is a versatile nail with a longer length, slightly slimmer shank and larger head that fits in a wide range of shoes. Endura nails are up to 30% stronger than other forged nails and made with superior steel that provides stronger clinches. Great nail for resets — nail head fills nail holes and crease better in resets. Exclusive Endura coating drives smoother and does not rust or oxidize. Ideal for hard feet and/or dry conditions.

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