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Give Your Hammer A Face-Lift

If your rounding hammer has lost its crown, refinishing it will improve your forging work
When maintaining tools, we immediately think of pritchels, forepunches and such. How many of us, though, stop and think about repairing the face of our hammers?
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Power to the Shoer

The anvil and hammer still play a key role — but so do tools that are plugged in or run off batteries

One of the nice things about being a farrier is having the freedom to do the job without much interference about how to actually do the work. This freedom leads to many different shoe styles and innovations in tools and techniques.

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Punches and Fullers and Shoes That Stay On

Often taken for granted while they take a pounding day after day, punches and fullers are important tools in sound fundamental shoeing

It’s easy to overlook punches and fullers, tools that are beat on every day, often abused and replaced relatively often. But remember, Chip Hunt says, “The main thing holding a horseshoe on is a nail head that fits the shoe. It’s the nail head fitting tight and contacting with the shoe on all four sides of the nail.”

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A Room to Roam

Farrier Rich Cleland was aiming for a portable workshop when he put the pieces together for his perfect rig
Words such as "sharp", "sporty" and even "pretty" accurately describe Rich Cleland's shoeing rig, but they don't do justice to how functional and comfortable it is.
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Owner Designs Rig For Handling, Comfort

The road doesn’t stop at the barn door, so farrier can come in from the tough Canadian weather in his custom-tailored rig

In the Great White North, harsh weather punishes farriers who aren’t prepared. David Glavind, who shoes in and around Calgary, Alberta, Canada, won’t shiver if he can help it.

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All's Well At Stone Well

From Upstate New York, Brent Chidsey’s distinctive shoeing bodies spread across the country
It may not be exactly the assembly line of a “Big-3” automaker, but in a short visit to the headquarters of Stone Well Bodies & Equipment in Genoa, N.Y., you can quickly see the basics of how the company’s popular shoeing bodies go together.
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Shoeing for a Living

Good, Solid Shoeing in the Summer Heat

Michigan farrier finds sticking to the basics helps him build a successful shoeing practice
It's early, but one of Bill Ruh’s customers has apparently decided she’s stood quietly long enough. The farrier shakes his head as he describes her quick gallop toward freedom, across a west central Michigan bean field, in the general direction of nearby Grand Rapids.
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