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Dealing with Quarter Cracks and Sheared Heels

Double-trim method found effective in removing cause of the problem
Spontaneous quarter cracks a hoof problem than often causes pain and lameness — are actually anything but spontaneous, according to Hans H. Castelijns, a veterinarian and farrier of Spanish origin, who now practices in Italy.
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More Shoers Share Their Thoughts on Signposts in the Hoof

Responses keep coming in on survey of landmarks farriers use to guide them in their hoof trimming
Last issue, we shared some of the responses we received to an e-mail we sent out asking our readers to let us know what landmarks they use to guide their trimming. Responses continue coming in and we thought we’d share some more of them with you.
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Signposts of the Hoof

An informal survey finds many different landmarks are used to guide hoof trimming
Just about all farriers and hoof-care professionals acknowledge that the trim is the foundation of good hoof care. There isn’t much argument about that.
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Angie Reynolds
Shoeing For A Living

All In The Shoeing Family

Husband-and-wife Peter and Angie Reynolds each have their own way of running a shoeing business
The first stop of the day for Angie Reynolds doesn't actually involve shoeing. It's just a short distance from her rural home near White, Ga. She pulls her truck to the side of the road and her three children - Matthew, 11, Andrew, 8, and Katrina, 6 - pile out at their school bus stop. Angie waits a few minutes until the bus arrives and she sees the kids safely away. Then she's ready to start her "Shoeing For A Living" day.
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Product Knowledge

Hoof-Packing Tips and Advice

Expert panelists share suggestions for using a wide range of products.
The first thing to do when you pack a hoof isn't to decide what you're going to pack it with - it's to give some thought about why you're planning on packing it at all.
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Taking Issue with "Natural" Hoof Trimming Theory

Alabama farrier says his experiment lends support to the idea that there is no one “right” way to trim a hoof
Hang around farriers long enough and you may decide that opinions on hoof trims are sort of like religion and politics - they shouldn't be discussed in polite company.
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