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A Farrier’s Legacy

Passing on your hoof-care knowledge leaves an indelible mark on the industry

It occurred to me a long time ago that no matter how diligent you are in your work, no matter how much energy you put into improving your skills and enlarging your knowledge of the trade, 6 weeks after you put down the last foot with one of your shoes on it, there will no longer be any physical sign of what you did for a career. 

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Reliance on the Basics Benefits the Horse and Farrier

Hank Chisholm urges reliance on the foundations of farriery for the good of the horse

When building a house, a solid foundation first must be established to ensure that the structure remains sound for continued long-term use. The same is true for farriery.
Yet, humans are in a hurry. We often want to run before learning to walk. In farrier terms, some want to forge a three-quarter fullered shoe before learning to bend a toe. After shoeing for nearly 40 years, Hank Chisholm of Lucedale, Miss., emphasizes the importance of establishing a solid foundation in the basics of farriery and then relying on it for the rest of your career.

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3 Common Causes for Failure of the Veterinarian-Farrier Relationship

Recognize and avoid situations in which either party inadvertently contributes to losing focus on the horse

Not only a veterinarian, John Tegzes holds a Master’s degree in psychology. This education and training gives him a vantage point for applying lessons regarding human interaction to his role in the veterinary industry. This unique perspective also provides him with insight into building that crucial team that keeps the horse central. He’s borrowed from the fields of human healthcare and psychology to learn how veterinarians and farriers can best work together.

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Frankly Speaking: Invest in Your Professional Development

With winter almost here, I think about how blessed I’ve been to attend outstanding national events led by industry associations. In late September, I headed to New York for the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners’ Saratoga Vet & Farrier Conference. This annual event features insightful lectures and wet labs. The following month, Yoder Blacksmith Supplies hosted the International Association of Professional Farrier’s Hoofcare Essentials gathering in Fredericksburg, Ohio. 

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A Warm, Efficient Work Space

Minnesota farrier’s well-designed van improves his team’s efficiency
As the cold season arrives in Minnesota during November, Rich Lomen and Nate Stener and their four-man multi-farrier practice can expect temperatures to fluctuate between 41 and 9 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 5 months in the metropolitan Minneapolis area.
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