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Know What It Costs You To Trim And Shoe

While a new farrier’s top priority is the care of hooves, you’ve got to be equally concerned with earning a living and dealing with the numerous business aspects of the profession. This means knowing what it really costs you to trim and shoe horses.

The obvious answer includes the price of shoes, nails, pads, adhesives and other items. But there is much more to it than just those costs. In fact, many farriers fail to fully understand how the prices they charge should be determined.

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Climbing Horseshoe Mountain

The first shoe I ever pulled off a horse took 45 minutes. My arms, hands, back and legs were screaming at me why are you doing this??? Beads of perspiration dripped into my eyes as my fingers gave their best death grip on tools that felt awkward and heavier with each passing second. Still, the shoe would not budge.
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Web-Exclusive Feature

2017 National Farriers Week: Farriers Spotlight

Welcome to the 6th annual National Farriers Week Farriers Spotlight!

In honor of the 19th annual National Farriers Week celebration (July 9-15, 2017), we collected these tributes from members of the equine community to recognize all of the hard work and dedication farriers put forth to keep our horses sound.

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Ideas For Improving The Perceived Value Of Your Farrier Practice

Yes, you need to keep horses sound, but how your clients perceive you may have more to do with other factors
Teaching someone how to nail on a keg shoe, according to Bob Smith of Plymouth, Calif., isn’t the most difficult lesson. Of course, that doesn’t account for selecting the correct shoe, shaping it properly to the trim and other aspects of doing that job well. But to successfully run a farrier business takes investment — you need to know more than just how to shoe a horse.
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Thank You, Farriers

Farriers Spotlight features industry tributes for National Farriers Week
For the past few months, we have been asking the equine community worldwide to share their stories, pictures and videos with us for the 19th Annual National Farriers Week celebration this year from July 9 to 15. We received many submissions over the past several months, and here are a handful of the farrier tributes sent to us during that time.
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