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Welding Aluminum In A Coke Fire

There are subtle differences when using this type of fuel

While there aren't a lot of farriers who still haul around a coke-fueled forge in their rigs, they are still found in a lot of farrier shops.

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Simplifying Aluminum Welding

Learning proper techniques will help you solve the mystery of this process
As is true of iron, many farriers think welding is one of the most difficult things to do with aluminum. However, as with iron, if aluminum is handled correctly, the welding process is no harder than any other aspects of forging.
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Forging Fundamentals

Start With Color, Temperature

From white heat to black, you should know what you can and can't do at certain temperatures

 Knowing what it means when the steel is lemon-colored rather than cherry can be the difference between getting a job done correctly and having to start on a shoe all over again. 

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Modifying Keg Shoes

Well-Made Trailers Need To Fit The Shoe And Foot

When adding trailers, make sure you don't lose sight of the rest of the keg shoe
Putting trailers on your keg shoes isn’t a particularly daunting task according to Danny Ward — at least as long as you keep the big picture in mind.
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Modifying Keg Shoes

Kick Up your Heels!

Knowing how to add heels to your keg shoes is a useful and profitable skill
If your customers or climate require even the occasional use of calks, it makes sense to stock a variety of heeled shoes in your shoeing rig.
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Could You Forge This Shoe in 12 Minutes?

Follow minute-by-minute as former reserve world champion blacksmith James Blurton forges a front pleasure shoe
Turning a bar of steel into a finished shoe in 12 minutes certainly takes plenty of forging skills and the ability to work fast.
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