Could You Forge This Shoe in 12 Minutes?

Follow minute-by-minute as former reserve world champion blacksmith James Blurton forges a front pleasure shoe
Turning a bar of steel into a finished shoe in 12 minutes certainly takes plenty of forging skills and the ability to work fast.
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Hot And Cold Tips For Better Forging

Developing these skills will pay off in increased efficiency and better shoeing
Some of the most important work a farrier does takes place at least a few feet from the horse that’s being shod. Skills at the anvil can set a farrier apart from run-of-the-mill shoers. The ability to hand forge specialty shoes or fine-tune keg shoes can greatly enhance your ability to increase your shoeing incomes.
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That’s the unbelievable value of farrier products earned by 71 mail-in forging exercise participants
With an astounding eight-fold increase from participating shoers in a year’s time and outstanding support from 47 farrier suppliers, the 2001 mail-in forging exercise was a rip-roaring success.
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Overcoming Your Fears Of Aluminum

Care is needed in working this light and highly useful metal
When it comes to aluminum, a lot of farriers would prefer leaving the making of a horseshoe to the manufacturer. But there are ways to help simplify working aluminum bar stock into a good, useable shoe.
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Shoe Boards

Passing The Bar

When starting your shoeing display, the bar shoe is the place to begin
Cut five pieces of 5/16-by-3/4-inch bar stock, 14 inches long. By making at least five shoes, there is a good chance that you will have one that is worthy of your display, and the rest can probably be used in your business.
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Anatomy of a Nail Hole

Punching a nail hole seems simple, but plenty can go wrong
Most top forging hands will agree that making a perfect plain stamped shoe can be one of the toughest things to do. While it seems like this should be one of the easiest shoes to make, it isn’t.
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Firing Up The Forge

Building and maintaining coal and coke fires
Learning this skill was tough. I read every text I could find on the subject, but nothing spelled it out in a way I could get my mind around.
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Forging The Calgary Mail-In Shoes

Co-sponsored by the Calgary Stampede’s World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition and American Farriers Journal, being part of this unique mail-in exercise will earn you $422 in valuable prizes and a fantastic opportunity to continue your forging skills education
They picked two great shoes for this year’s mail-in forging exercise that’s part of the Calgary Stampede’s World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition.
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Forge Two Shoes And You’ll Earn $402 Of Valuable Farrier Supplies!

Mail in these two shoes and win a share of anywhere from $30,316 (with 50 entrants) to $50,466 (with 100 entrants) of valuable products donated by suppliers for this forging exercise
It's not a shoemaking contest or a traditional shoeing competition for elite shoers. Instead, we’re repeating a super educational opportunity that will allow you to see how your forging skills measure up against other farriers from around the world.
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