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Licensing Under Fire With Many Trades

When it comes to licensing concerns on both the state and federal level, it appears that farriers aren’t the only trade where there’s a need for regulations or not. These concerns were spelled out in a recent Wall Street Journal article dealing with trade licensing issues.
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Most Farriers Skeptical Of VEPG

Although there’s no one reason the question of standards and regulation within the United States farrier trade has been raised, the development of the Veterinary Equine Podiatry Group has no doubt played a role.
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Online Extras: November 2015 Issue

Web-exclusive content for this issue includes:

  • A collection of memories about the late Red Renchin.
  • Farrier concerns about the development of the Veterinary Equine Podiatry Group.
  • Conny Svensson provides insight on some different shoeing ideas he brought from Scandinavian style for how he shoes harness horses in the U.S.
  • Video with James Gilchrist describing his multi-farrier practice
  • Video of farrier Todd Gillis trimming and shoeing Beamer, a Quarter Horse with a swollen leg and two hoof walls.
  • Resources to help you properly manage your money and protect your business financially.
  • Tips for novice horse owners on providing the ideal work space.

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Jeremy McGovern
From The Desk Of AFJ

Friday The 13th And Farrier Regulation

American Farriers Journal and the other members of Lessiter Publications are in the process of moving to a new office. Packing and purging for a move is not one of my favorite activities, so I’m happy to procrastinate by providing extra “scrutiny” when going through old magazines, story ideas and photos.
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Why Farrier Licensing Makes Sense

Many readers will find this look at farrier licensing by AFA founding father Walt Taylor highly controversial

 It is my strong opinion that professional farriers should, and deserve, to be licensed to practice by statutory authority.

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