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How The Hoof Reveals Stress

While horses’ hooves undergo a lot of stress, appropriate farriery and a return to the functional foot model can help deal with signs of stress
Most people have experienced sore, aching feet at one point or another in their lives. After all, a 200-pound person exerts approximately 20 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure on the ground.
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International Attendees Gain Insightful Perspectives On Hoof Care At Virginia Workshop

Veterinarians, trimmers and farriers from five countries gathered together in Centreville, Va., to expand their knowledge on hoof care over the 4-day event.
EPC Solutions offered an intense 4-day workshop July 21-24, sharing advanced concepts in equine podiatry and therapeutic farriery. It was held at Deepwood Veterinary Clinic in Centreville, Va., led by clinicians M.W. "Tookie" Myers, equine veterinarian; and Sylvia Kornherr, equine podiatry technologist and nutritionist.
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How to Shoe a Moving Object

Hooves will distort between shoeings, so learn to use landmarks of balance to help you manage any problems
As farriers, I believe we look at a hoof differently than other horsemen — at least other horsemen who do not shoe horses regularly.
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When Good Hooves Go Bad

Hoof distortion often hides a nice symmetrical foot

Not all hooves are created equal. If they were, shoeing would be an easy skill to master, everyone would do it and it would not pay nearly what it does. Luckily, every hoof has a story to tell and — as farriers — we need to learn how to read that story and write a happy ending to it.

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