After participating in this year’s Calgary Stampede Blacksmith Classic, Chad Lausen of Strathmore, Alberta, discussed the unique experience of competition.

Lausen has been in the farrier business for 12 years, since attending Olds College. He continues to refine his craft, and one way he does so is through competition. 

The annual competition took place July 14-16, 2017, in Calgary, Alberta. Fifteen competitors, including Lausen, shod their best — doing work they do everyday, but with a $7,500 prize on the line.

“Your adrenaline keeps you going as the time clock keeps ticking down,” Lausen told The Western Producer.

Lausen competes in approximately 12 events throughout North America every year.

Two employees of Lausen’s farrier business entered the competition this year as well.

“We do this every day, but it is nice to put yourself in a high stress situation against the best in Canada and have the opportunity to learn from that as well,” says Lausen.