By The Scone Advocate

The sounds of hammers and rasps were loud and clear echoing from White Park recently with 3 full days of horse shoeing at the Professional Farriers Association NSW Branch State Title Farrier and Blacksmith Competition

The event saw one of the youngest competitors ever shine in the limelight when 8-year-old Campbell Hinze took to the stand in the novice division. 

Growing up around horses and with a dad as a farrier, Campbell is no stranger to the scene, and  he showcased what his father had taught him placing fourth, sixth and 10th in his first competition. 

Campbell made history being the youngest person to ever compete, entering the novice division where he said he had to turn a front shoe into a hind shoe and vice versa, put toe clips on a shoe and re-shape a shoe for the judge’s inspection. 

The 3-day event was organized by the Professional Farriers Association NSW Branch and led by local James Balfe. 

There were events for novice competitors including apprentice farriers and those who have just completed their apprenticeship.

These contestants were tasked to make a shoe, make a specimen shoe and shoe two feet. 

The open competitors showcased the art of blacksmithing using two pieces of metal to make an ornament, as well as making shoes and shoeing a horse.

Sunday saw the three-man draft, which is a team’s event with six teams shoeing three large draught horses. 

Each team shod one side of a horse and the best team was the winner. 

Balfe says this part of the competition was always a highlight as it is a lovely sight to see such a big horse walking away all shod up. 

He says about 30 competitors took part in this year’s event being the second time the competition has been held back in Scone as part of the Scone and Upper Hunter Horse Festival

Competitors travelled from Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and across NSW to take part and gain feedback from the judge, multiple time world champion farrier Dave Duckett from America. 

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