Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds & Supply recently announced a partnership with GE Forge & Tool.

“We are very proud and excited to announce that we will be doing all the rebuilds for GE Forge & Tool,” according to Rafter V Farrier Tool Rebuilds, noting that they have been factory trained and authorized by GE to do so. “Also, we will be doing any warranty work of their rebuilds.”

The Parowan, Utah-based company rebuilds most brands of nippers, clinchers and pull-offs. It is owned and operated by Jerry von Kaenel, who has been a professional farrier for more than 50 years.

GE Forge & Tool manufactures an array of nippers, pull-offs, nail pullers and clinchers. The Garner family has owned and operated the Grover Beach, Calif.-based company for 43 years.