Here's a roundup of the top 10 videos that have garnered the most interest on our YouTube channel, AFJTV, from the past month:

  1. Farrier Quick Takes (Red Renchin): Treating Long Toe, Low Heel
  2. Online Hoof-Care Classrooms: Shoeing The Club-Footed Horse
  3. Shoe Modifications With Grant Moon: Clipping St. Croix Advantage Front And Hind
  4. Farrier Quick Takes (Dave Farley): Shoeing A Toed-In Horse
  5. Farrier Quick Takes (Red Renchin): Techniques For Lifting A Belligerent Horse's Foot
  6. Online Hoof-Care Classrooms: Successfully Shoeing The Thoroughbred Racehorse
  7. Shoe Modifications With Grant Moon: Hind Spavin Shoe Using Delta Challenger
  8. Online Hoof-Care Classrooms: Hoof Pads: When To Use Them And When To Lose Them
  9. Farrier Quick Takes (Danny Ward): Tips For Sharpening A Hoof Knife
  10. Shoe Modifications With Grant Moon: Sidebone Shoe Using Delta Wide Web Keg Shoe

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