Here are the top 10 stories in terms of page views from the past month on

  1. Managing Hoof Abscesses
  2. From The Desk Of AFJ: Carriage Horse Foes Ignore The Evidence
  3. Dealing With Thin-Soled Horses
  4. Organization Recognizes Farrier As A Woman Of Distinction
  5. Hooves Too Wet? Too Dry?
  6. Adding Moisture To Feet Can Be Harmful, Study Finds
  7. Balanced Feet Important, Even In Presence Of Conformational Issues
  8. What To Plant For Perfect Horse Pastures
  9. Farrier Tips: Should A Horse With A Soft Tissue Injury Be Shod While On Stall Rest?
  10. Hall Of Fame Farrier Hank McEwan Passes Away

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