Top 10 Speaker Presentations

2009 International Hoof-Care Summit Top 10 Speaker Presentations


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This audio CD features the top 10 speaker presentations from the International Hoof-Care Summit. With nearly 11 hours of information, this is the best way to supplement your hoof-care education. The lectures include:

1. "Farrier Business Skills You Can Use Tomorrow" by Esco Buff, Ph.D.; 2. "Why Hoof and Limb Manipulation Is So Critical in Managing Conformation" by Robert Hunt, DVM; 3. "Pathogenesis and Treatment of Spontaneous Quarter Cracks" by Hans Castelijns, DVM; 4. "The Science Behind Wooden Shoes" by Michael Steward, DVM; 5. "Shoeing for Mounted Police Horses" by Jerry Trapani; 6. "Educating the First-Time Horse Owner to Do Business with You" by Doug Butler, Ph.D.; 7. "Utilizing Radiographs to Treat Chronic Laminitis (A Review)" by Stephen O'Grady, DVM; 8. "Using Heart Bar Shoes to Keep Athletic Horses Going" by Steve Teichman; 9. "Therapeutic Shoeing for Tendonitis And Desmitis" by Hans Castelijns, DVM; 10. "Shoeing for the Whole Horse Approach (Parts 1 and 2)" by Esco Buff, Ph.D.

This CD features MP3s, so you will need a computer or CD player that can play MP3 files.