By American Farriers Journal Staff 

Lucy Diamond Crothers passed away Tuesday afternoon after her courageous battle with cancer, according to a statement from Handmade Shoes Ltd.

“Despite the bleakest of prognosis Lucy fought bravely over the last 26 months,” according to the statement. “Her tenacity is an example to us all. Our hearts go out to Billy, Emily & Olivia and the family.”

Lucy Diamond Crothers

Crothers teamed with her farrier husband Billy in 1998 to form Handmade Shoes, a farrier supply shop in Buckinghamshire, England. While Billy, a member of the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame, shoes horses on a daily basis, Lucy ran the day-to-day business and was the “driving force of the company.”

Lucy enjoyed eventing and in competed at the international level, successfully completing Badminton Horse Trials, widely considered the world’s toughest 3-day event. In her first ride at Badminton, Lucy and Carousel VI were one of 53 competitors out of the original 97 to finish the 2006 event.

Mourners from around the world paid their respects to Lucy and expressed their condolences to her family.

“God needed another beautiful soul to assist Him in these trying times,” says Hall Of Fame farrier Jim Keith of Tucumcari, N.M. “We thank God for allowing her short time on Earth.”

“Lucy fought the battle like no one else,” says Samantha Stonehouse of Merton, Oxfordshire, England. “She was one brave and admirable lady. Absolutely heart breaking.”