Farrier Stephen Teichman of Unionville, Pa., was the winner of the Razerhorse contest for an expense-paid trip for two to the International Hoof-Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Feb. 3-6, 2015. The Razerhorse contest offered farriers the chance to win the paid trip by using and reviewing either of Razerhorse’s two products, Razer shoes or Propads. Afterward, participants were asked to send in a photo and their testimonial.

Stephen Teichman has been using Razerhorse Propads in his work for about the last 10 months and says they are an improvement to the hoof pad options that have previously been available to farriers.

Teichman, who works primarily with high-caliber 3-day eventing horses, has been to the last five Olympic games supporting his clientele.

Teichman says that working with these horses requires him to know what it
takes to keep
and maintain soundness. He has been working with Propads for the last 10 months and has had excellent results.

“They provide a simple and effective way to shift the load from the wall and heel to the frog in a very natural manner,” he told Razerhorse. “We have even used these effectively on horses that have sustained P3 fractures! Not something you would normally try, but they assisted in bringing this particular horse back to work sooner and sounder.”

For winning the contest, Teichman will receive airfare, hotel accommodations and International Hoof-Care Summit passes for two, an annual subscription to the American Farriers Journal, a $200 Visa gift card for spending cash, dinner with Razerhorse technical advisors and a Razerhorse swag bag. Farrier Eric Hahn will join Teichman at the Summit as his guest.