Here are some tips I put into practice to make hot fitting easier.

Hot Shaping

  1. Make sure your forge and anvil are placed so you can move the shoe from the forge to the anvil without taking a step.
  2. Set up your rig close to where you are working on the horse, but be aware of potential fire hazards.
  3. Have all of your tools located within arm’s reach.
  4. Have a plan before you put the shoe in the forge.
  5. Take a measurement of the hoof, even if it is mentally.
  6. Just like a cold shoe, shape the toe, then the quarter and lastly the heel.
  7. Practice, practice, practice.

Hot Fitting

  1. The trim is everything. Shape the hoof and remember that shape. Take a mental measurement of the toe back to the heel.
  2. Leave a little extra hoof wall because you will burn a lot of hoof off.
  3. After shaping the shoe, take it to the foot in a black heat. Check your fit and the level of the trim.
  4. Go back to the anvil and make final adjustments.
  5. Bring the shoe up to a red heat and fit the clips.
  6. Give a final burn of the shoe.
  7. When done, pour water over the work area for safety.

Benefits Of Hot Fitting

  1. Less wear and tear on your body.
  2. Creates a better fit and cleans the environment of the hoof.
  3. Makes it easier to nail.
  4. Your arsenal is only limited by your ability.

 — Derek Grimwood, Chapel Hill, Tenn.

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