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Test Aluminum’s Heat Before Working With It

Aluminum holds its heat well, but are you working it at the correct temperature?
Aluminum stock remains a popular choice for a variety of horses, primarily due to its lighter weight. Another advantage is that aluminum can be shaped hot or cold. While the typical thinking might be that racing plates and lighter shoes will be shaped cold, and heavier aluminum shoes like those used for hunters and jumpers will be put in the forge, that also proves to be a matter of personal preference.
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Nothing Goes To Waste In This Farrier’s Shop

For this instructor, the most important lesson in his shop is to think outside the box when at the forge
Growing up in a family that bred Quarter Horses, there was no doubt that Sonny Pistilli was going to make a career in the equine industry. It was through the need to tack on a shoe that he became a farrier. In 1965, his farrier couldn't make it out to put a shoe back on a prized show horse. The judge disqualified the horse for only wearing three shoes. He began riding with his mentor, the legendary Seamus Brady, to learn the basics in case he found himself in a pinch again. After 5 months, he was hooked on the trade.
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As a knifesmith, Matt Mauer receives many questions about hoof knives. The one he receives the most regarding upkeep is, “What angle should I sharpen my knife?” Mauer, a farrier based in Argyle, Wis., says that is a hard question to answer because the angle of the tool is individual among users.
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Changes In The Farrier Industry: Forges

One of the several game changers in the business of shoeing horses was the development of the portable gas forge. This item, that we take for granted today, has made profound changes to the farrier profession beyond just heating metal.
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