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Considerations for Using Alternative Materials for Managing Leverage

The thought process for addressing leverage concerns with modern materials requires gathering information and not limiting imagination
As farriers, we know that when making shoeing choices for the horse, man­aging leverage — adding or subtracting leverage biomechanically — is part of that decision making process. We have many appliance options available to achieve our goals.
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Focusing On Foot Prep Before A Contest

Two members of the American Farriers Team discuss trimming the foot during a demonstration
At the August clinic held at Anvil Brand in Lexington, Ill., American Farriers Team members Bryan Osborne and Bodie Trnka did a live shoeing, followed by working on shoe building and modifications.
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Proactive Footcare For Limiting Hind Limb Lameness

Farrier Grant Moon finds that thorough evaluation and emphasis of the trim will improve likelihood for success for managing feet
Managing front and hind lamenesses in performance horses is not uncommon for farriers. Research indicates that 70% of sport horses will sustain at least one musculoskeletal lameness during a season (Deacon and Wilson, 1999).
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Reprinted with permission from Equine Veterinary Education (EVE). Original published in Equine Veterinary Education Vol 28 June 2016.

Various Aspects Of Barefoot Methodology Relevant To Farriery

This thorough review will help you analyze and plan for transitioning a horse from shod to barefoot
The structures of the equine foot have the unique ability to adapt, change shape and restore. There are multiple benefits in shod vs. barefoot or in allowing the horse to be without shoes for a given time period to improve the palmar section of the foot.
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More On Hot Shaping Shoes:

Trim, Shape, Measure The Foot

It all depends on your perspective of the question. If you are referring to the shoe selection and shaping of the shoe hot vs. cold then my advice would be to trim, shape and measure the foot before going to the anvil.
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Farrier Tips

Have a Plan When You Trim

Even when not shod, just about every horse will have its feet trimmed throughout the year. Developing an efficient trimming technique is essential. There are many ways to trim a foot.
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