This page lists material that supplements the December 2023 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Gain more insight on trimming by:

Supplements to Michigan Farrier Helps Horses Weather the Climate Extremes" on page 6

Gain more insight on how horsemanship can improve your production and safety by reading:

Supplements to "How Equine Body Language Keeps Farriers Safe and Productive" on page 14

Gain more insight from International Horseshoeing Hall of Famer Doug Butler by reading:

Supplements to "Successful Hoof-Care Business Strategies" on page 20

Gain more insight into equine anatomy by reading:

Supplements to " What is the Horse’s Thoracic Sling?" on page 23

Gain more insight on treating horses with CBD by:

Supplements to " How CBD Can Benefit Horses" on page 31

Gain more insight on other “Badass Rigs & Trailers” by visiting this link.