This page lists material that supplements the December 2019 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Get Your Affairs in Order

  • Sign up to be a Farrier Business Success Academy VIP and watch Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy presentation on estate planning.

  • As a VIP you can watch any of the other Farrier Business Success Academy presentations

(Supplement to Briefings on page 8.)

Gain more insight from Martin Roche’s day of Shoeing for a Living.

  • Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Straight Forward Showing" on page 16.)

More from Kirk Underschultz

  • Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Don’t Rush the Process" on page 28.)

Northeast Farrier Equine Clinic

  • See a video of more hoof-care highlights – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Considerations for Repairing a Toe Crack" on page 32.)

AFJ’s 45th Anniversary

  • Read reflections on past articles and pivotal hoof-care industry milestones. – Coming Soon

(Supplement to "Industry on the March" on page 42.)