This page lists material that supplements the March issue of American Farriers Journal.

More Business insight

Supplement to "Tax Changes Could Affect Your Hoof-Care Business" on page 12

Randy Luikart essays on horseshoeing 

  • Coming Soon!

Supplement to "Can I Show My Horse Tomorrow?" on page 16

Dr. Steve O’Grady 

  • Read insight and tips from a workshop between two Virginia farriers and Dr. Steve O’Grady – Coming Soon!

Supplement to "Barefoot Methodology — Another Farriery Option" on page 20

Gaited Horses

Supplement to "Understand the Clients and Culture Before Shoeing Gaited Show Horses" on page 28

Dr. Jenny Hagen

Supplement to "What is Mediolateral Balance?" on page 32

 Hospital lates and glue-on shoes

Supplement to "Hospital Plate Options Offer Critical Wound Protection" on page 42

Unlocking the Stifle

  • Learn more about the stifle’s hook-and-loop system from Dr. Deb Bennett. – Coming Soon!

Supplement to "The Critical Connection of the Stifle and Hock" on page 48