This page lists material that supplements the December 2016 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Shoeing For A Living: Steve Norman

(Supplements to the article "Successful Track Shoeing Requires A Strong Start Out Of The Gate" on Page 14.)

Q&A: Best Tips Of 2016

Read more responses to our December Q&A: "What's the best hoof-care tip you received this year?"

(Supplement to the Hoof-Care Email Q&A on Page 44.)

The Broad Application Of Duckett’s Dot

Gain more insight from Dave Duckett on the history and principles of his work on the Dot.

(Supplement to the article "A Prelude To Understanding Duckett's Dot" on Page 56.)

Video: How To Forge Standard And Bob Marshall Heel Checks

Watch forging techniques from John Williams.

(Supplement to the article "Body Position Is Critical To Better Forging" on Page 60.)

My Life As A Farrier

Listen to an interview we conducted with Dave Farley on his life in horseshoeing.

(Supplement to the article "Set The Tone With Clients Before They Join Your Practice" on Page 72.)