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A Deep Dive into Laminitis

In this episode of the Stallside Podcast from Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, International Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame member Scott Morrison discusses all things laminitis, starting with the possible causes, biomechanics, treatment options and potential outcomes.


How Do I Become a Certified Farrier?

In this video from Vagabond Forge, Sedwick, Kan., farrier provides a look at what happens during an American Farrier’s Association certification.

The Science of the Equine Hoof

In this episode of The Ride On podcast, Julie Goodnight talks with equine podiatrist Dr. Barbara T. Page about how horse owners can gain a better understanding of the hoof. Page gives clear explanations about the structure, balance, and efficiency of the equine hoof, accompanied by illustrative photographs provided to listeners in the episode show notes.

Evaluating Chronic Pain in Horses

In this episode of the Fresh Scoop podcast, Dr. Kelly Diehl speaks with Dr. Janny de Grauw and Dr. Diane Howard about the challenge of detecting and measuring chronic pain in horses.

Loop Knife Sharpening

In this video from Farrier Product Distribution, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Roy Bloom demonstrates how to keep a good edge on your loop knife.

Horse Industry Podcast

In this episode of the Horse Industry Podcast, David Wiggin, the official farrier of the APHA World Show, discusses the history of the Colorbreed Congress, how he got his nickname Dr. Dave (hint: he is not a doctor), and about his career working with horses.

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