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Better Horsemanship for Better Hooves

In this episode of The Humble Hoof Podcast, Deanna Preis talks about how proper riding and training can influence soundness and hoof health in both a positive or negative way. She also discusses resources such as Straightness Training and her own farm, ShadeTree Stables, to help assess whether your horse is moving properly or not.


Application of Foam Boards

In this video from Farrier Product Distribution, Larkin Green demonstrates how to minimize the sticking of foam boards to your Vettec pour-in materials.

Mustad Live: Grant Moon

In this episode of Mustad Live, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Grant Moon shoes the front feet of a show jumper. He looks for added benefits, shoe features and support devices that can be used.

A Wreck of a Foot

In this video, Brock, Texas, farrier Lee Olsen helps a horse regain comfort.

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