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Each day, American Farriers Journal encounters a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at an aspect of the equine industry. Our favorite content for "This Week" is aggregated here. We hope it offers a useful tip to improve your hoof-care business, expands your knowledge by giving you something new to ponder, or entertains you when you need a break most.

Suspensory Horseshoe

In this YouTube video, Lexington, Ky., farrier Jason Hill, CJF, demonstrates how to forge a suspensory shoe for the Mid-Eastern Farrier’s Association Contest, which will be Oct. 7 in Uhrichsville, Ohio.

Mullins Farrier Podcast: Hank Chisholm

In this episode of the Mullins Farrier Podcast, Hank Chisholm, CJF, of Lucedale, Miss., discusses the American Farrier’s Association Certification Program, best practices for working with veterinarians, and the importance of substrate and footing.

Capsular Distortions and Locomotion

In this YouTube video from EponaMind, Monique Craig discusses a case study on capsular distortion and locomotion in a 22-year-old Quarter Horse with equine Cushing’s disease.

Clinching and Finishing

In this YouTube video from Farrier Product Distribution, Lexington, Ky., farrier Bobby Menker, CJF, APF-I, demonstrates how he clinches and finishes a front foot after applying a 3D full mesh pad.

Farrier Focus Podcast: Gerard Laverty

In this episode of the Farrier Focus Podcast, Gerard Laverty, CJF, AWCF, discusses how he made his way from shoeing in his native Ireland to becoming the instructor of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Farrier Program in Sperry, British Columbia. Along the way, Laverty discusses his insights on several farriery topics.

How to Handle a Kicking Horse

In this YouTube video from Heartland Horseshoeing School, Chris Gregory, CJF, ASF, FWCF, demonstrates how he persuades a kicking horse to relax and allow him to pick up its foot.

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