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Foot Prep with Bobby Menker

Lexington, Ky., farrier Bobby Menker, CJF, APF-I, discusses foot prep during a visit to Farrier Product’s HoofPro Shop when he dresses and evaluates the front feet of Limo, a 6-year-old Thoroughbred in this video

Using Composite Horseshoes

Farriers can learn more about composite horseshoes and other aspects of hoof-care through a new online course sponsored by Duplo Composite Horseshoes. In this video, Dr. Katie Curry introduces the format of the course, which begins Jan. 4 and consists of 11 modules that cover a variety of topics.


Making a Nail Hole Stamp

Hertfordshire, England, farrier Gary Huston walks through the steps to make a stamp that is perfect for putting nail holes into a fullered concave shoe in this back to basics how-to video. The trick is in making a stamp that fits snuggly into the fullering without bulging it.

Business Tip of the Week

Australian farrier Wesley Stewart, CF, APF-I discusses how to handle problems that might arise with a customer to get the best results in this International Association of Professional Farriers Business Tip of the Week. Stewart is the president of the IAPF — Australia.

Understanding Horse Behavior

Farrier Focus Podcast taps author and consultant Mark Deesing of Fort Collins, Colo., in this interview about equine behavior. Deesing knows the importance of horsemanship for farriers because he trimmed and shod horses for several years before getting into livestock handling systems and research. He co-authored the book Genetics and Behavior of Domestic Animals.

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