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Shoeing a Horse for Snowy Conditions

Norwegian farrier Aksel Vibe describes the process of fitting the pre-drilled Winter LiBero with a Mustad NoSnow Pad and studs for optimal traction on ice and snow in this Mustad Hoofcare video.




Balance, Posture and Using Glue-on Shoes

Daisy Bicking, owner of Daisy Haven Farm: School of Integrative Hoof Care talks about hoof balance, posture and performance and how glue-on shoes benefit some horses to improve overall function in this video with Sure Foot founder Wendy Murdoch.



Podiatry Related Conformation

Poor medialateral imbalance in the hinds can create an imbalanced joint load, notedly in the hock, and problems in the stifle that affect collateral ligaments all the way up the limb. The Equine Documentalist Yogi Sharp discusses this and the relationship between physiological issues, conformation/posture and hoof morphology in a webinar available for purchase..

Yogi Sharp webinar image



Roll with It

International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame farrier and World Championship Blacksmiths founder Craig Trnka illustrates how he puts a rolled toe in a wedge shoe in this video.



Hoof Care in Morocco

New Market, England, farrier Dr. Simon Curtis discusses his visit with Zouhair Benjabbour, a farrier and supply business owner in Rabat, Morocco, in this episode of The Hoof of the Horse.

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