If you’ve attended the International Hoof-Care Summit in past years, you’ll remember the countless inspiring International Halls of Fame induction ceremonies. Each year, the American Farriers Journal staff introduces inductees into the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame and the International Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame with moving video tributes.

john boyne










Pictured Above: A moment from a moving video tribute to the late John Boyne at the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame induction ceremony during the 2019 International Hoof-Care Summit.

At this year’s Summit, taking place in Cincinnati on January 21-24, 2020, attendees will be able to take a walk through the Historical Hall Of Fame Exhibit for Horseshoeing and Equine Veterinarians. The all-new exhibit, sponsored by Well-Shod, will feature vibrant photos and biographies of each of the 147 Hall of Fame farriers and 59 Hall of Fame equine veterinarians.

An added value included with registration to the 2020 International Hoof-Care Summit, this special exhibit will give Summit attendees the chance to learn about the history of some of hoof-care’s notable names, and read inspiriting stories about how hoof-care Hall of Famers made a name for themselves. Attendees will learn about the inductee’s unique backgrounds, professional highlights and much more in this engaging exhibit.

Learn more and Register for the 2020 Summit here.